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About Us

Khrye was founded with a simple objective: To empower schools, students/pupils, parents and teachers.

Background of the problem Kenyan schools are facing in relation to Online Academic Platforms.

Some schools in Kenya find online academic platforms to be unaffordable while those who can actually afford the systems find them to be archaic, counterintuitive, and extremely hard to use but that's not all, the parents who happen to be the curators of the schools themselves, have limited access to online academic platforms. Most online academic platforms also don't take the students/pupils' interests into consideration whereby they offer more convenient than productive services by choosing to display financial and academic reports disregarding the students/pupils in their continuous pursuit of academic excellence.


What We Do.

At Khrye, we are building a suite of integrated mobile-first management tools to solve problems and transform the way academic communities manage their finances, manage school reports, learn, keep in touch, and interact with each other.

Our tools make it easy for schools to manage their subject courses, news, exams, assignments, and more. We are also developing tools for parents and alumni all of which will combine the power of project tracking applications. Through technology we are aiming to increase productivity, efficiency and the overall performance of the school fraternity.


Set accepted payment modes in the school
Set up voteheads, their priority order and fees structure per batch
Fee balances in total and per vothead, and demand notes for each student
Records by date, batch and by payment mode.
Ledgers per votehead abd their summaries

Exams & Academics

Fully functional school grading system.
Unlimited exams per term.
Marks entry:- lists of students taking that subject only.
Processing broadsheets with all possible combinations,best 7 (or other) subjects, form and stream position, accessible to parents via the Khrye platform.
Generating reports showing academic performance, graphical progress report.


Issuing and receiving books in an easy-to-use interface
Records and searching made easy to access
Manage and fetch unreturned and lost books

Test Papers

Students/pupils get access to test papers set by the teachers of the school. The teachers can in turn mark and give detailed assessments of the tests recommending the student/pupil on what to do to improve in the subject at hand.

Data Store

Have the personal details of the school fraternity at your fingertips

School Based Q & A

Students can ask and answer each other's questions based on the subjects registered under the school. This can be used for revision for future generations and can also be used to analyse the questions most students/ pupils are struggling with

Human Resources

Through Khrye you can manage your employees with ease by managing your payroll, salary items, job grades, employee categories and employee departments.

Our Sales Agents

Cecilia Muthoni
Scholastica Njeri
Cynthia Achieng'


The Khrye Platform is now registered with 10 schools with over 13,000 registered students in just 2 months.

  • Double Vision High School - Nairobi, Pipeline
  • Arise and Shine Primary School - Nairobi, Pipeline
  • Our Lady of Mercy - Nairobi, South B
  • St Gabriel's Primary School - Nakuru
  • St Gabriel's Secondary School - Nakuru
  • North View Girls Academy - Nairobi, Tassia
  • Plainsview Educational Point - Nairobi
  • Solomon School - Mlolongo
  • Tassia Integrated Academy - Nairobi, Tassia
  • Highway Secondary School - Nairobi, South B


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